What we offer, and why it will help!

You talk, we listen, and learn. In our role as client counselor and marketing communications partner, we work from the inside out and fully leverage each client's brand. We carefully analyze and utilize your assets to best engage consumers and foster brand relationships to drive business growth.

Full Scope Public Relations Campaigns

In order to maximize exposure, The Frame Shop takes a multi-pronged approach to campaign development with core disciplines that may include media outreachmedia toursinvestor relations and product placement.

Marketing Communications

We offer expertise beyond core media relations in areas such as events, collateral development, social media outreach, sales support and sampling. Additionally, through our vast network, we can connect clients with key sponsorship opportunities.


The Frame Shop does not believe in a one size fits all mentality to publicity. By finding the right combination of print, broadcast, radio, grass-roots and social media outlets, we will create the best targeted campaign to meet our clients objectives.

Event Planning

From product launches and press conferences to trade shows and media visits, The Frame Shop can develop and execute, from start to finish. We can evaluate and determine which events that best fit a client’s needs and business model.

Media Training

Whether it’s simply polishing a message for a spokesperson or holding a Speaking to the Media 101 session for executives, The Frame Shop has experienced staff that can make the process seem like second nature to an executive.

Client Counseling

At The Frame Shop, we like to consider ourselves an extension of our client’s internal team. We are available to help with brand strategyproduct developmentpositioning and media evaluations.

Reputation Management

The Frame Shop can assist in monitoring and maintaining a company’s positive public profile.

Crisis Management

The Frame Shop can be on the front lines to help implement an established plan in the event that there is a crisis or can help to develop a thorough document if one is not yet in place.