Everyone is busy. That’s a truism that’s even more true now that everyone is always connected via smartphones, tablets, and/or their laptops. So, it’s critical to not waste your client’s time – there’s only so much time available every day.

One pro tip that will go a long way in making your time with busy clients more productive is to always have a plan.

  1. Stick to a maximum of 5 ideas you want to discuss in your next meeting or conference call
  2. Ask the client for their “Top 3” ideas they want to discuss – this shouldn’t be one-sided with the agency just wanting to discuss their hot button issues
  3. Don’t wait until 30-minutes before the meeting or the conference call to compile your agenda items as attendees need a chance to prepare for the meeting
  4. Get to the point and stay on task – this is not the time to grab ass – quickly extend greetings and niceties then get to the topics on the list
  5. Be quick to rein-in side conversations or way off-topic items. Take control, make a note, and schedule another time to discuss topics not on the agenda
  6. Wrap –up the meeting with a succint recap and next steps

Trust me, your clients, business partners and potential clients will thank you!