From its humble beginnings, the internet has always had its detractors. You don’t always know where danger is lurking. As a marketer that should scare you, especially when you entrust your creative agency to place your adverts online. Companies don’t know what type of content will be appearing alongside their ads – and that scares the hell out of them.

This became a bigger than usual issue earlier in 2017. Many major companies pulled their Youtube and Google buys after news broke that controversial content (hate, terrorism, and racism, to name a few) was being paired next to their spots. This turned out to be a nightmare for marketers.

Things had gotten so bad that Youtube took notice. The company has worked to improve the technology it uses in an effort to screen videos that enable third-party measurement agencies (such as OpenSlate) to monitor where ads will appear on the site.

So, who’s protecting your brand online? The same companies that abandoned Google and Youtube are now also teaming up with these independent measurement firms to provide more in-depth analysis of where their ads are running. This includes a full accounting of which videos appear alongside their ads and details of their content.

This is all good news as many companies, their brand marketers, and consumers are asking for more transparency.

Want more information, here’s an article from The Wall Street Journal detailing this issue?