Things have become crowded. There’s no way around it. Everyone from the neighbors to your parents are doing it. It’s become a thing. Social media is going to stick around for a while. Now what?

There are literally hundreds of millions of social media posts each day. Everyone and everything has something to say. It’s been reported there are 6,000 tweets per second, 300 million Facebook photos uploaded daily, and 75 billion pieces of content shared each day across all channels of social media. That’s a lot of social media posts you and your brands are competing with.

Companies and brands have realized this social media thing isn’t going away. Social media has become a trusted and respected way to market and build awareness as well as to deliver up-to-the-minute updates in real-time. In fact, Twitter is used by news outlets to bring immediate information to their followers. Many of us get our news only from Twitter.

So, now how can your company and brands standout from the pack in a crowded social media space?

  1. Be relevant and stay current – post updates, images, and stories that are of interest to your audience and industry
  2. Frequency – you need to post regularly or perish, no one will follow if you don’t post frequently
  3. Focus – you can’t be all over the map
  4. Blend your content with shared content
  5. Tag influencers and other industry experts
  6. Engage with your audience
  7. Engage and ask questions
  8. Show you’re human – don’t lose sight that you’re not a robot
  9. Share your photos – your followers are just like you, they want to see behind the curtain

Follow these 9 tips and your company and brands will burst through the crowded social media landscape.

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