There is no greater feeling than when you connect with your target consumer. Real and authentic interactions are amazing ways to reach the consumer and legitimize your company and brands. When this connection happens it’s a wave your hands in the air moment.

For as long as human beings have been able to communicate, the marketers among us have used content to distribute information build on a company and a brand’s standing. First, it was cave drawings, then printed documents, now content is distributed via social media. Content marketing is another way to tell a brand’s story. A story that your consumer base is interested in.

Company’s use content marketing to educate, alert, entertain and announce new products to customers. The intention is to create attention or behaviors that result in a positive reaction – sales, advocacy, and brand loyalty. Examples of content marketing are blogs, newsletters, videos, podcasts and magazines to name a few.

Here are five ways companies gain from content marketing:

  • Expand attention and generate leads
  • Increase customer base
  • Generate or Increase online sales
  • Grow brand awareness or credibility
  • Communicate with your consumer online

Let us know how you and your brands are utilizing content marketing to grow?

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