How well do you know the businesses and products your firm represents? There is a lot of talk about elevator pitches – the idea of knowing how to explain either your business, your client’s, and/or their products that you are pitching to journalists in the time it takes to reach your destination on an average elevator trip. These little journeys typically take around 20-30 seconds.

In business it is critical to have a deeper perspective or working knowledge of your client’s business and their needs. You can’t be tongue-tied in front of an editor or a prospective business partner that you’ve worked so hard to get in front of. The information needed to succeed must be ready available and practiced to perfection as you most-likely will only get one shot at closing the deal.

How many times have you witnessed someone struggling to explain why their company is relevant? It happens all of the time. Here are a few steps to nail down your elevator pitch:

  • What do you hope to accomplish with your elevator pitch
  • What is it that differentiates your business, product, or service
  • Be brief and get to the point, 20-30 seconds tops
  • Write down your elevator pitch in long form and read it aloud; if longer than 20-30 seconds, start deleting extra words
  • Read it aloud again; recite it in front of a mirror or with co-workers, over and over again

After following these steps you’re ready for a successful elevator ride. I hope this helps with your next big meeting or pitch to a journalist. Now I am off to practice my pitch in the mirror.

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