The debate rages on. How important and effective are bloggers to my company and brand? Well, it’s been proven since the 1990’s when blogging first appeared as a “thing”. The right blogger paired with the right company and its brands could make a positive impact as their influence reaches a ready to react audience.

Blogging, combined with other social media channels, can have an immediate impact. It’s important for brands to be relevant and stay engaged with their consumer base. One way to do this is through content creation.

There’s no guessing if the blogger delivered to the intended target and if the message was received because you see it within a few hours. Blogging is a great way to not “sell at people”.  No one likes when a solicitor rings their doorbell during dinner time and the same goes for blogging and social media. Brands can talk with consumer and not talk at them. This makes for great back-and-forth where everyone feels heard and part of the discussion.

Here are a few things to share with the C-Suite execs who still might not be convinced to pony up the dough for content creation:

  • Increase the awareness and SEO for your company and its brands
  • Drive traffic to your site; once there it’s your job as a marketer to keep them there
  • Cement the fact your company is the leader in your industry
  • Brand company executives as experts in their field and lead to speaking opportunities

Blogs are great and have a tremendous amount of benefits for a business, but you have to be willing to commit and work them. The content cannot get old and stale. Now I am off to start the next blog to keep the content train rolling along.

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