A good friend of mine posted this Andre Gide quote on Facebook this morning, “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

Powerful words. Granted, my friend is one of the few that has followed his dream to combine his passion to help and to serve others with his desire to do so in a foreign country. Currently leading the efforts of ODIM in Guatemala, he lost sight of the shore more than once on his journey to get there.

I imagine though that the percentage of people who truly follow their dream is small. As a former avid business traveler, and now, an eager vacationer, I long to be “on the road” and I see the appeal of losing sight of the shore. How cool would it be to combine work and travel – to work in a foreign country, to be immersed in the culture, the language, the people? Of course, a spouse, kids, pets and everything that comes with “life” certainly can impede that opportunity but think of the possibilities that changing the rhythms of daily life could provide?

Companies like Unsettled, which offers 30-day co-working experiences around the world, and Roam,  are two of more than a dozen work tourism companies who have set out to make it easier for people to continue their career while becoming immersed in a foreign country.  Initially created to meet the ever-growing younger digital nomad contingent, more and more companies across the world are also creating welcoming environments for visiting older workers including housing, offices and, in some cases, combining both for co-living and working. With the trend toward working remotely gaining momentum and the need for local talent, whether it be in Buenos Aries or Cape Town, increasing, it seems like the perfect time to share skills, collaborate, grow professionally and discover new worlds… all in the name of work.

What ocean are you going to discover next?