For those of you who are uninitiated in the dark art of SEO, it’s a multifaceted area of the digital marketing arena, but for the purposes of this blog I’ll be specifically focusing on link building; the lifeblood of SEO. Even the shiniest of lovely new websites is rendered obsolete if no one can find it, and one of the best ways to help people find your website is by building links to it. But what does this actually mean in practise and how can you optimise the number of links that you obtain in order to maximise your websites’ SEO?

I recently did one of Neil Patel’s webinars in which he advocated using a tool called Ahrefs to establish which companies link to your competitors’ sites and to use this as a starting point for your own link building outreach. Another approach he suggested was to use the Domain Hunter Plus tool to identify broken links from one of your target companies’ websites, then to email them to inform them that they have some broken links and offer to send a full list of them over. Then in the follow up email you would suggest some suitable replacement links, of course including some of your own web content! Then you sit back and let the link juice flow into your site! Neat huh!

Both these approaches to building links seem like they would be pretty effective, but being PR minded I’m more naturally drawn to networking my way to increased SEO. Here’s an example. I was recently at a trade show where I was in 110% networking mode. I was organising a competition and was on the hunt for some free prizes. I therefore met with lots of other marketers from companies in the same field to see if they would like to contribute prizes in exchange for brand exposure. Many brands were keen, so I organised a cross promotional competition to incorporate several of them in one campaign. As part of the outreach I encouraged each of the prize providers to promote the competition by including a link to it from their sites. This served not only to drive people from their website to the competition, but also to give a nice boost the origin sites’ SEO. Who knew networking could help to improve the search engine optimisation of your website!

If you try any of these three SEO tricks, get in touch and let us know which performs the best for you!