As I sit here at my desk, halfway through the second day of the New Year, I’m struggling to write the requisite New Year’s Resolution list, as most years my resolve is not to have any resolutions! So instead I’ll start off the year with a positive message  – here are some of the things we at Williams Group PR are looking forward to in 2017.

  • No more election news: with the election cycle complete, we can stop hopscotching around the calendar when plotting our news release and pitching schedules
  • Trying out a new database: for years we’ve been updating, researching and managing our media lists using one database. This year we are switching companies and look forward to a new interface and list building possibilities
  • Putting out the Welcome Mat: we always are looking to add business and look forward to welcoming new clients into the Williams Group PR family
  • Celebrating anniversaries: we love and thank our current clients and look to another successful year of creating awareness and building their businesses
  • Staying connected: what will 2017 bring on the social media front? We’re dialed-in with the mainstays of Instagram, FB, Twitter, SnapChat and the like and you can bet we will be early adapters of the next wave in social media, whatever that may be
  • Spreading our wings: even after all these years we want to grow our team, our ideas and ourselves. We look to grow professionally and personally by utilizing webinars and other online seminars and perhaps even expand our wheel house to a different direction

We wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous 2017!