So right now there’s the madness for Hatchimals and the Nintendo NES Classic as the “It” holiday gifts this year. Honestly, I would be pretty excited about the latter. However, I also find myself hoping for the most practical gifts to be wrapped for me under the tree  (my list includes Quick Zip bed sheets and gift cards to Costco). Aside from this, there are the gifts that keep on giving for the PR Mama, and here are my top five:

1. Spinner Suitcases

Samsonite 2-piece Hardside Spinner Set, $159.99

Fellow PR Mama, Carol, told me traveling would be a breeze as long as I was prepared. Well, with my first trip sans partner and baby in tow completed, I’ve got to say that easy to maneuver luggage is a must! This is a nice set available at Costco (clearly, I love the place). Thinking about efficiency getting bags checked, keeping carry-on items minimal and making my way through security as painless as possible are required.

2. Laptop Tote

Lo & Sons “The Seville” Tote, $428 (40% off this price right now!)


There are several ways to carry around a laptop or tablet, however, this tote screams out stylishly practical. The compartments make it accessible for devices, keys, and any other necessities for an on-the-go working mama. Additionally, the water and scratch resistant Saffiano Leather is by far the best selling point, making it perfect for any “uh-oh” moments where you won’t be crying about spilled milk getting splashed on the outside of this tote.

3. Moleskine Notebooks / Calendars

Moleskine 2017 Weekly Notebook, $17.75

Despite the last item being focused on the necessity of devices (and ignore that I use my iPhone to take notes on occasion), the physical act of writing is essential. Perhaps I’m revealing too much about my age, but I have to agree with the researchers about how note taking by hand is better than typing. Moleskine just feels durable, professional and you really can’t go wrong with their elegant simplicity.

4. The Wall Street Journal or other subscriptions

$12 for 12 Weeks, $32.99 monthly (Digital Package)

Sadly, fake news has become a reality. Subscriptions to credible sources are already part of any PR professionals tool kit, so it wouldn’t hurt to gift any other subscriptions or renewals. The Wall Street Journal the most widely circulated publication in the US, so that’s a great start for a gifted subscription. However, who wouldn’t love a year of Bon Appetit or Saveur, either?

5. Caffeine-Related Anything

Anthropologie’s Limited Edition Golden Monogram Mug, $10

Coffee is life for me. I also love tea. Either way, I have three of these mugs! If you’re in a pinch, these mugs are affordable and would pair well with a gift card to a local cafe or a subscription to a coffee delivery service. It’s almost 2am and I’ll be up again in a couple hours to begin another busy day, made even busier by the holiday season. My morning coffee is always on my mind.

This list could really go on (from nifty pens, the latest gadgets like, an Amazon Echo, or desk accessories from Kate Spade or Jonathan Adler), but if you’re in a pinch, these are some easy to find items that I’m sure will win the heart of a PR Mama like myself, or actually any busy working woman. If not, spa packages can’t be beat either!