Hola – have you met my new best mate – Pablo yet?! If not, you really must! He’ll save you time, resources, money and allow you to unleash your inner designer! So everyone’s a winner!

I’ve recently been playing around with this great social media tool and instead of being over protective of my new buddie, I feel the need to share him with you all so you too can benefit from being able to create your own social tiles – for free! That’s right there’s no need for a designer to be involved, there’s no writing design briefs and no painful rounds of edits. It just requires; you, a pinch of creativity, some well-considered messaging and the help of a jolly handy little social tool. Wondering how this is all possible – it’s all down to those lovely folks over at Buffer for providing Pablo to the masses at no charge (yet)!

Here’s 5 reasons why Pablo could become your new best friend too:

1. By using Pablo, you can put together a series of social tiles with your choice of messaging for any given campaign. This can help you to increase your social media engagement as social tiles give you another area in which to convey your brand story/ USPs and therefore evoke additional reactions in your followers. Here’s a couple of examples that I created earlier.


fb-example2. Heightened brand awareness. Pablo allows you to upload your brand logo and insert it onto your social tiles (conveniently in the same position each time if desired). This gives you additional brand exposure across your social channels and the auto positioning function eliminates the need for editing your tiles to obtain the correct position for your logo each time.

3. No resizing is required. Pablo will provide you with tiles to fit your choice of social channel, resulting in saved time and energy.

4. Once you have made a couple of social tiles with branding and messaging to your liking, you can then create your own custom made Gif using your tiles and a tool like Pretty cool – huh.

5. You can upload images of your choice so they are available for you to use on Pablo. This means you will rarely be stuck for the right image to use in your campaign. Remember, for free image sourcing sites, you can always revisit one of my previous blogs on the subject which can be found here.

We’d love to hear how you get on with Pablo. He really is pretty easy going and helpful, if you just give him a chance..