So, I haven’t had a chance to get a new iPhone. I’m a new mom, I just got my first haircut since May! The one hour session involved scheduling and planning several weeks in advance, so the thought of making time to get a new iPhone, deciding on the size (standard over Plus), how much memory to get, and a case, it just all seems too much. I also like to wait a few weeks for the first wave of kinks to be resolved before I get my hands on it, because this mama just doesn’t have time for that drama.

Before its release, word on the street was that the new iPhone’s headphone jack would disappear to make it an even thinner and lightweight. The iconic white earbuds I loved using for phone calls over a bluetooth earpiece would be extinct?!  It also meant sacrificing tunes for battery life if you wanted to continue using the earbuds! That was the dilemma for Questlove from The Roots:

First off, I admire Questlove sticking to a brand he loves, despite the product not fully meeting one of his specific needs. However, what is most interesting is what started happening in the comments section. Lengthy discussions about why one user’s smartphone was far superior over another user’s and I came to realize that it is all so…American.

It’s been a little over a week since the election and our Facebook feeds are still showing us just how divided the country is about the results of the election. Don and I spoke to each other last week about how much we loved the other red versus blue, Coca-Cola over Pepsi. We’re a nation of brand loyalists through and through. So, in lieu of arguing and in the spirit of competition, here’s a rundown of brand rivalries to entertain you, or potentially cause rifts in your relationships.

  • iPhone vs Android
  • Mac vs PC
  • Coca-Cola vs Pepsi
  • McDonald’s vs Burger King
  • Taco Bell vs Del Taco
  • UPS vs FedEx
  • Shell vs Chevron
  • Today Show vs Good Morning America
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! vs Pokemon
  • Dawn vs Palmolive
  • Costco vs Sam’s Club
  • Nike vs Under Armour
  • Pampers vs Huggies
  • DC vs Marvel
  • Lyft vs Uber
  • Ford vs GM
  • Mrs. Meyers vs Seventh Generation

Honestly, I could keep going. You know who you love, and that’s all that matters.