I grew up in an era that most will only know by watching re-runs buried deep in their cable packages on channels like TV Land…you know the 1970’s – sideburns, tight pants and jade jewelry. One of my fondest Christmas morning memories was when I was given a Mattel Vertibird Flying Helicopter Toy (Man that was a mouthful!). I genuinely loved that toy. I could control the height and speed and swoop in like a mad man and pick up vehicles and other items with the hook underneath the helicopter. It was everything a six year old could hope for. No idea what I am talking about? Here’s Mattel’s commercial from the early 1970’s: http://bit.ly/2eQXD1V

However innocent my childhood was spent playing with my toy helicopter on the family room carpet, man had other ideas. Ideas far beyond what I could have ever schemed up.

Now fast-forward to 2016 and wow has flying technology evolved. Companies ranging from Amazon.com, a mega e-commerce site, and DHL, a global shipping company, have explored the possibilities of using drones for delivery purposes. Drones have become so common-place that the FAA and local governments have legislated their use. Marketer’s widely-grin when thinking of the endless practical uses for drones…especially at events or conventions.

Here are three reasons why a marketing team can effectively use drones in their campaigns:

  • Just like a Major League pitcher facing a hitter who’s on a hot streak, you gotta change your audience’s line of sight. A drone allows a birds-eye behind-the-scenes perspective not otherwise available. You can hover high above a venue and zoom in with your camera and capture a large crowd and blend into your other photography. A great example of this is what San Diego’s independent FM station 91X did with a FREE concert featuring Grammy Award winning band, Switchfoot, earlier this year on the Imperial Beach pier (http://bit.ly/2eQXD1V).
  • This is a game-changer for marketers. You’re only limited by your own creativity, or lack-there-of…aerial marketing is an idea that is more than ready for take-off. How do you properly blend this new-fangled technology into your marketing mix? Simple, use your new view to give your audience behind the scenes first-person perspective.
  • The cost of entry is becoming less every day. As drone technology advances earlier versions are being quickly forgotten – smaller and more capable drones are made available almost daily.

Everything in life evolves just as your marketing should over time. What was once important today might not be tomorrow.  A child’s Mattel Vertibird has given way to today’s drone. My adult self cannot imagine what’s next but I can tell you I wish I was still splayed out on our family carpet playing with that little helicopter swooping down fast and low grabbing those toy accessories. I think I’ll head over to the internet and see if I can snatch up a Vertibird.