There are many reasons why blogging is an important tool in your businesses marketing mix. A well written and inspirational blog can help you to create leads for your business by positioning your company as a thought leader in its area and by illustrating your expertise. It’s a great way to share ideas and engage your customer in two-way dialogue. It can really help to give your brand a voice, as well as provide you with regular shareable content for your social channels. And in addition to all this, well written, regular blog content will serve to fuel SEO and therefore increase your rankings with google!

Sounds great, right?! But it can be tricky to achieve all this if you are running low on blog-spiration! We’ve all been there, racking our brains for an interesting blog topic, so I thought I would share a few tricks that I use to inspire my own blog writing.

Write about what you know!

This seems like an obvious trick but when I first started blogging I overlooked this completely. I would spend hours and hours researching the latest developments in the industry and then tie myself in knots trying to re-write the subject with my own slant, when actually writing about what you already inherently already know about can make for a much more fluid and interesting blog!

I am not saying you shouldn’t research your blogs, because that is also incredibly valuable, but sometimes if you are stuck for inspiration, think back over what you have learnt at work in the past week, month or even year and decide if it is something that your audience would benefit from reading about. If it would add value to them, then blog about it in an interesting and informative way.

Learn from personal experiences outside of work

Blogs written from your varied and interesting personal experience can also be fascinating as you can add a level of story-telling that would otherwise be absent. For example I recently blogged about Mud, Media and Madness which was inspired by my trip to Glastonbury festival. If you take a read you will see how I incorporated my festival experience with observations about developments in ‘new’ media, with a view to making it a more varied and interesting read.

I find blog-spiration can come from the oddest of experiences too. For example, there was a fire on our road a while ago and it lead me to writing a blog called Social: Fan the flames or put it out which involved me drawing parallels between the fire and a client’s social media channels I was working on at the time. The key to this type of blog-spiration is to consider how the event/ experience that has happened to you had could be drawn upon to make an interesting comparison to something within your industry.

Don’t be afraid to add personality.

Remember, you aren’t writing an academic essay and by adding a peppering of personality to your blog you will keep people engaged and returning to your blog. Blogging is your chance to have your voice heard, so when looking for blog-spiration, try and consider the type of brand personality you want to include in your blog and then integrate it accordingly. It can be hard to find the right voice at first but rest assured that the more you blog, the easier this is. You will also start to find inspiration in the strangest of places, so perhaps start carrying a note book to jot down quirky ideas that may appear when you are out and about. So, what are you waiting for? Go forth and blog!