You guessed it, I was lucky enough to get tickets to go to Glastonbury festival this year and boy was it muddy! Fortunately, I returned from my epic 5-day adventure relatively unscathed, unlike the poor soggy-footed soul who used to own these wellies! Don’t get me wrong, as a seasoned festival goer, I expected there to be some mud, but the amount of mud at this year’s Glasto was truly something else! I’ve never witnessed cars actually being towed onto a festival site before, normally that just happens at the end, but oh no, not this year!

I last went to Glastonbury some 15 years ago at the tender age of 18, so to entertain myself whilst stomping from one excellent music set to the next, I played my own personal game of spot the difference; Glastonbury then and Glastonbury now. Here are 7 key things I noticed:

  1. This year sent the mud-o-meter off the scale! (I think I’ve covered this one.)
  2. Beck are still a HUGE crowd pleaser, just as they were many moons ago! Madness can also still rock a crowd!
  3. People are so dependent on having a phone with charge that they will stand in line for over an hour in the rain, to then sit in a tent and charge it up for 30 minutes. I include myself in this madness! However, in said tent, Virtual Reality demos were taking place which was ace!
  4. Virtual Reality is going to have a pretty spectacular impact on our lives when it hits mass market – from enhancing the interactivity of video games, through to offering new and exciting ways to view a property before it’s built.
  5. ‘Glastonbury secret sets’ were ‘leaked’ to the masses via social media and caused huge waves of excitement. Oh, the power of social media marketing!
  6. We are all still massively mourning the loss of Bowie, (amongst other musical heroes that we have sadly lost this year). This was evident from the countless lightning bolts painted on people’s faces as well as being a key feature on the main stage.
  7. The UK may be divided on the Brexit/ Grexit situation but when the news broke at Glastonbury we stood as one, united by Madness, mud and the influx of ‘new’ media.