How many times have you heard, “a picture is worth a thousand words”? The reality of this statement has never been more true. Advances in technology, handheld devices, and the ease at which companies are interacting with their audiences through rich compelling photography has never been seen at this level.

It’s safe to say that with 500 million users on Instagram, and an estimated 300 million people engaging with the app daily, it makes sense for you and your clients to be using this social media platform. Instagram has become the perfect channel to show off your clients and their products. One picture, taken by a trained photographer, can tell the story accurately with immediate results.

Here are six compelling reasons to use Instagram for your business and your clients:

  1. Did I mention it’s all about the pictures? It is. It really is. So, if you’re going to utilize Instagram, make your pictures count. Studies show that the right image can have a huge positive impact on your brands. Don’t sleep on your hashtags. Research which hashtags are relevant to your consumer base.
  2. People do not always have the time to read a story, but they always have a moment to scroll through pictures. And, if the photo is compelling, they’ll stick around and read the captions. Make your text as interesting as your imagery – this is your two-pronged approach for success in the digital age.
  1. Increase your brand awareness. If you consistently post visually compelling images and interesting text your company will be top of mind with your audience. It is highly-likely they will stop by your website for a look around and see what you’re all about.
  1. You can show off your lighter side. Business doesn’t have to be serious all of the time. Instagram is the opportunity to give your audience a sneak behind the curtain. Show your products, your employees, philanthropic initiatives, and the many things that make the company great.

It’s a fast-paced world with millions of companies and products vying for consumer’s attention.  If you’re marketing communications team wants a social media platform that allows you to slow down the noise then Instagram provides the perfect freeze frame option.