In the UK the number of Start-ups has hit a record high as more and more entrepreneurs reject the corporate world and decide to go it alone. According to the Telegraph More than 600,000 new businesses are set to launch this year, as the Government’s StartUp Britain campaign takes to the road’. However, there are also horrific stats thrown around about the percentage of Start-ups that fail within their first few years, so it’s vital you implement strategies to ensure that your Start-up doesn’t help bolster these statics!

Outstanding Marketing and PR can really help to make or break a Start-up but when you are wearing numerous hats at once, it can be this essential function that is exactly what falls to the bottom of your to-do list! Here are 5 of my top tips for a successful and achievable approach to promoting your Start-up.

  1. Ask!

Don’t be afraid to ask those who inspire you for their top tips. Carry out as many informational interviews with successful and inspirational people as you are able. Ask them for their biggest Marketing and PR learnings and failures so that you can apply this to your fledgling business and fast track your business to success. Keep a log of all your learnings so you can return to it to keep yourself on track.

  1. Be bold

Make bold requests of people and companies, then simply see what happens. The worst they can say is no! If you can spot an opportunity for a company or individual to cross promote your business, then do your research on them, breath in and make a bold request. Always try and add value to their business too. Perhaps you could link to their website from yours, promote them on your social media channels or pin up one of their posters in your venue?

The more of these mutually beneficial partnerships you build, the better! With time and relationship nurturing, these likeminded people will become your professional network and they are vitally important to the success of your business!

  1. Always be authentic

When you consider how best to market your company, the most effective way to get others to buy into what you do, is to be truly authentic yourself. Let the passion for your company shine through. It is hard to say no to someone when this level of authenticity is present. If you can’t find this within yourself then try and realign your thinking to why you decided to set up your Start-up. What lights you up about your business, then build on this…

  1. Set yourself Roosevelt actions

Sometimes, too much thinking and strategizing can lead to overwhelm. It’s sometimes best to simply take action on your ideas and see what happens. They may fail, or they may be a great success, but you won’t know until you try it! Once you have tried out an approach, it’s essential to reflect on it. What worked? What didn’t work? How could you improve it next time? Don’t fret if you don’t hit on the perfect strategy straight away, give yourself and business the room to learn and grow from your marketing experiments.

  1. Remember – opportunity is everywhere!

Cast off your blinkers and reframe your thoughts. For example, when you are driving around your local area, consider how your business could potentially work with other local businesses to support each other. For example, I recently went to buy gas and got chatting to the owner of the shop about some of the amazing garden products he was selling. It turned out he had space for more products and that he would happily act as a distributor for a Start-up client of mine. Gas and a new distributor – win, win!

The moral – if you choose to see opportunities in all that you do – they will emerge!