Do you find the whole world of Social Media Marketing a little overwhelming and need to find your Zen? If you do, don’t worry, you’re not alone! There is a growing expectation for companies to have a presence on all the main social channels and to be actively engaging in two-way customer communications. It is after all the modern way! However, unless you have planned ahead efficaciously and have enough resources in place, then trying to keep on top of all your social channels can be pretty full on!

To effectively run your social channels, you need to create and publish regular engaging content on all channels, to respond to customer comments and solve complaints, to implement, tweak and optimise paid advertising and even run offers and competitions. It’s not for the faint of heart and what’s more, love it or hate it, the social movement is only set to increase in the coming years! So, the way I see it, you have three choices:

  1. You can stick your head in the sand and ignore it, whilst praying that this ‘fad’ will fizzle out soon!
  2. You can recognise the need for social but choose to outsource it. (If you are time poor, this is a pretty good option!)
  3. You can embrace the exciting new marketing opportunities that present themselves with each new flurry of social change but get smart about how you tackle it!

The choice is yours but if you choose c, then read on and we’ll look at some shrewd ways to avoid the growing phenomenon of ‘Social Overwhelm’ and help you find your ‘Social Zen’.

1. Plan out your content in advance

Creating a posting plan of content is crucial to avoiding social overwhelm. To help you do this, why not hold a ‘Social Media Content Workshop’ with your marketing team? Here are a few things to try and establish in your workshop session:

  • Milestones: What are your upcoming calendar dates and how would you like to present them within your social channels? Can you cross promote with other marketing channels to help create a more integrated marketing strategy across the business?
  • Themes: What are the main themes that you would like to work into your content calendar and when should these themes be scheduled for? Can they be tied in with other key milestones?
  • Audience first: What is your audience interested in seeing on your social channel? Remember, social content should be audience driven, not product driven. If you struggle with this mindset – just think about how you feel when are faced with lots of self-serving company/product based content when you are casually browsing Facebook in your spare time.
  • Paid: What’s your paid strategy and budget? Which channel/s should you use for your paid advertising? As with many areas of social, this can be a case of ‘Test and Learn’ as one size doesn’t fit every brand!
  • Resources: Who will be writing your content? Who will be sourcing images/ videos/ gifs and where from? Who is in charge of community management? Who will take the lead with your paid strategy? Who will pull reports and feed the findings back into your future planning to optimise your approach to new content? It’s important to try and answer these questions before you go much further.

2. Use a live document!

Be gone Posting Plan v10 excel document – say hello Google Docs!

If you haven’t yet discovered the joy of Google Docs, you have been missing out! They are particularly handy when it comes to the creation and ongoing management of a rolling Posting Plan as they allow members of your team to edit the document simultaneously. This means the whole team is always privy to the latest up to date version of the plan, errors can be avoided, along with additional admin! Simply create the Posting Plan template, allow your team to edit it and allocate who is in charge of what! And now breathe out!

3. Scheduling posts

 Kiss goodbye to manual content posting – welcome scheduling tools into your life!

If you have been posting your content manually – stop! Try out Buffer for free and you won’t look back! You will be able to claim back hours of your day as you can simply schedule in your planned content and get on with other tasks whilst Buffer happily posts out your content for you at an allotted time and date! It will even provide you with handy analytics data if you upgrade to the paid version!

If you implement these key pointers and you are still reaching overwhelm, well, then we are always here to support you in your quest for ‘Social Zen’!

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