I recently attended an excellent seminar in London hosted by Facebook and I want to take this opportunity to share my top takeaways with you. The seminar was designed to inform business owners and marketers about how to increase ROI using Facebook, with a particular focus on their paid advertising offering. There was a huge amount of helpful information provided which not only served to solidify my existing understanding of this area of social, but also provided me with a fantastic update on Facebook’s latest developments. I’d love to share it all with you, but there was far too much to cover off in just one blog, so here are some of the more poignant takeaways.

  1. Facebook (and increasingly Instagram) is vast!

We all knew that Facebook was a giant platform in the jungle that is social media, but this chart really helps to put it into perspective quite how giant they truly are! And, yes that tiny blue logo in the bottom left-hand corner is Twitter!


  1. Know your audience and base your marketing around the people buying your product or service!

It seems like marketing 101 right? But brands are often guilty of overlooking this vital commandment. It’s particularly important to get this right on social as it is such a people-led channel!


  1. A huge amount of video content is viewed on the go!

This means that any video advertising you want to do on Facebook must be optimised for accordingly. Ask yourself how will this video perform if the viewer has no sound on? Does the video format fit the to the size of a mobile screen? Are the key takeaways of the advert within the first 3 seconds of the advert?


In case you struggle to read the below image – that’s 8bn video views that take place every day on Facebook!

  1. There is not a simple path to purchase

Do not assume the path to sales is straightforward on Facebook, you must test, tweak and test again to find advertising that best suits your different audiences. You are aiming for ads with maximum relevancy to your audience but rolled out at scale! This can be achieved through analysing your back end data which is all readily available to you on the platform. The beauty of Facebook adverts is that they can be highly targeted to a particular segment of your audience and you can even embed a Facebook tracking pixel into your webpage to gain an understanding of what the customer does once they reach your online checkout. With all this information you can they create custom audiences or look alike audiences to help you either retarget or to grow a new but similar customer base. Pretty awesome huh!


  1. Use carefully targeted creative

Having the right creative in your adverts is just as important as carrying out the right backend targeting. Get the right creative in front of the right audience and you’ll be flying! And remember – we only need to see an image for 13 milliseconds to identify it, so think in images not words when it comes to advertising on social.


(Images are sourced from Facebook’s ‘Grow your Business’ seminar)