Film portrayals of business has shown the greed and cut-throat nature of running a business. From the male-dominated world of The Wolf of Wall Street to the bossy female editor in The Devil Wears Prada, I find myself stressed and remembering times when I was over-caffeinated and cursing like a sailor to feel like I was making some headway in my career. There were even moments where anger would lead to tears and I’d have to excuse myself to go somewhere private to hide the extreme emotion that washed over me. After reading Delivering Happiness and the picture Tony Hsieh painted of Zappos’ company culture, I started to consider what the alternative could be.

I’m no Tony Hsieh and my work is not nearly as high profile as Zappos, but what he writes about excellent service is truly something everyone should consider in all we do. One of his former employees became a colleague of mine at a former company and used to say, “We are all each others customers. Your co-workers are your customers because you provide a service to them and you benefit from a positive interaction.”

Our goal with PR is to always put service at the forefront. We try to ensure our clients and the people that our clients service are happy. We have moments where we want to scream, but it’s unlikely that you’ll ever really see it happen. From positions high to low, executive to assistant, on the clock and off, the goal is to promote good feelings all around whenever possible. The result is that people want to work with you because they actually enjoy it. Sometimes you’ll even have another person willing to bend some rules for you because you’ve shown that extra bit of kindness they needed that day. There are definitely those perks, but overall, there’s positive energy going out and sometimes it may not come back to you right way, but when it eventually does, it just feels phenomenal!

I try to show gratitude and think of ways to be kinder in the workplace. This is an ongoing practice and I will continue to think of ways to cultivate a culture of kindness. What about you? What do you do to create a culture of kindness where you work?