I get it – working in Marketing and PR involves spinning numerous plates at once. On any given day you could be juggling anything from creating project plans, implementing advertising budgets, writing copy or reaching out to brand ambassadors, to mention just a few. Time is always of the essence and your to do list is overflowing with important tasks, but tell me honestly, when did you last allocate any time for your own professional development? This can often fall to the bottom of your list as it is rare than anyone is demanding a report on it, but that doesn’t mean that it is any less important.

With the speed at which marketing and communications is evolving, it is increasingly easy to get left behind. New apps, social channels and marketing trends pop up every day and it can be difficult to stay on top of it all. So, what’s the trick to staying relevant in such as fast paced environment? You guessed it – being curious! Ignore that silly old wives’ tale about curiosity killing the cat. Within modern marketing, curiosity is the key! Aim to look at each new development or opportunity that arises as a child would, through new, fresh and interested eyes. When a new trend arises, ask yourself how it could potentially change your industry and play with ideas around how you could apply it to marketing your brand.

With digital and social leading the future in communications, it has never been so important to simply try things out. Run mini test and prove campaigns to see what works on which channel. Don’t be afraid to fail, this is all part of the learning process. Without failing on a few campaigns, then you aren’t learning or moving forward. The thing to remember about failing, is to fail fast and learn from your mistakes. As marketing moves increasingly into uncharted territories, it’s vital to take this approach in your mindset and strategy or both you and your brand risk becoming stagnant pretty quickly!

When you are in your comfort zone it is easy to get complacent, but failing to break out of your comfortable bubble can ultimately become your downfall. Stay hungry about learning more about the world. (If you need proof that this works, it was my inquisitiveness nature that landed me this awesome gig!)

If this all sounds a little challenging, try to set yourself small challenges along the way. Try out a new app or social channel once a week. See what peeks your curiosity and then think laterally about how it fit into your brand marketing melting pot. You will soon feel the effects of your enhanced curiosity improving both you and your brands performance.