They say it’s quite common. It eventually happens to everyone. I swear, this has never happened to me before! There’s no shame in admitting it. Admitting it is the first step in combating it!

You’ve no doubt heard the stories. It’s also perfectly natural. Everyone at some point will experience the embarrassingly awkward and debilitating phenomenon known as … Writer’s Block! It causes sweaty wet palms and shortness of breath. It also puts you on thin ice with your colleagues and supervisors. Unfortunately, there isn’t a little discreet blue pill you can take to clear this blockage.

I know this first hand because for years I have been able to whip out content like a crazed typing savant! That changed this week, this blog. It started out innocently enough when I began to stare through my keyboard and then progressed into aimless internet searches for writing ideas – nothing, nada, zilch. Until finally I hit on the perfect subject…Writer’s Block. Where was this magnificently refreshing topic 36 hours ago?

So, now that I recognize my ailment I will show you how to combat it. I have narrowed these steps down to six – here goes:

  1. Get away from things – not for very long, but get away from your laptop. Take a walk around the office. Go to the mailroom and drop off your shipping…it doesn’t matter where you go … just go! But, also come back because if you stay gone you’ll be in a bigger pickle.
  2. Go back to the drawing board – do you have a dry erase board? Fill it up with topics, words, sentences. Try to get the brain flowing with ideas. Something is bound to popup and make for a great blog entry.
  3. Use music to move your body or spark up and idea – hey you’ve struggled up to this point so you might as well listen to a few of your fav tunes to get the brain juices flowing.
  4. Are you too focused on the things in your space – do you work in a messy environment? Clean up your space. Does your office garbage can need to be emptied? See #1.
  5. Enjoy some office banter – Head to the copy room and see what your colleagues are talking about. Nothing sparks up things to write about like chatting up your crew. And, let’s be honest here, everyone has an idea on what you should write about.
  6. When in doubt, go outside and scream – this always helps me to just feel better and scare my co-workers, which is priceless!

Just like the common cold, Writer’s Block shall too pass. It’s temporary and can be cured by utilizing a few, if not all, of the steps above. Happy writing all.