Many companies, regardless of size, choose to handle their social media in-house, and when we’re not using tools like HootSuite and Buffer or directly posting, tweeting, -gramming, and snapping for our clients, we’re on occasion called upon to help with strategy and planning. Then there are times when a PR professional is not in that mix and we wonder why, when we have four key reasons you should turn to a pro.

  1.    We’re a sounding board ready to catch the next wave, brah

After a long day certain things just end up sounding good to you, sort of like that late-night burrito you ate when you wake up in the morning. It might feel right at the time, but the same goes for the cocktail of social media posts and the sense of urgency to stay relevant. Sometimes you have to take a step back and see the big picture and say things out-loud to actually hear the absurdity behind it.

  1.     We’re Targeting Trends like spotting a non-bearded fella in a microbrewery

You know that Portlandia skit where Fred and Carrie have a “Did you read it?” competition? Before it became the hipster thing to say, your PR pro read about it first. We’re voracious readers and we’ve been asking each other “Did you read it?” for a while. We continuously search for the trending topics, hashtags, and memes, so let us guide you toward what’s “on fleek” this week.

  1.     We’re that Voice of Reason, ready to turn the chair like Blake Shelton

Everyone in the team loves the planned strategy or series of social media posts you’ve got scheduled. You get a fist-bump! You get a fist-bump! We all get fist-bumps! Timeout! A little outside perspective helps you take a look at the bigger picture and a PR professional is there to hear you out and tell you gently (or not so gently) that perhaps those 140 characters you initially had in mind wouldn’t be best suited for that next tweet. Remember, we’ve been reading a lot.

  1.     We know Damage Control like the TNT Network knows drama

Your credibility is at stake and no matter how hot or untouchable you think you are at the moment, it might be best to always think a few steps ahead and consider how someone or something is right around the corner ready to discredit you. Deleting tweets is possible, but screengrabs are forever. A PR professional is there to guide you through the darkness and remind you of those age-old clichés of “it’s only temporary,” “time heals many wounds” and “sometimes bad PR is good PR.” Basically, we’re prepared for this, that’s why you hired us.

DIYing can be a lot of fun, but we’ve all seen some social media missteps to epic fails; at least you know that a PR pro can be that ace up your sleeve for your social media strategy, especially when your reputation is on the line.