The Press Release Has Been Written Off For Years. It’s Still Here.

Life changes at speeds that are too fast to register, the same happens in the business world. When was the last time you actually used a fax? We imagine it’s been years, unless you count the rarely used scan/copy/attach feature. What is currently trending today could turn in to tomorrow’s cruel joke – the mullet, 8-track tape players, or New Coke. This leads us to wonder, like many of you in our profession, about the health of an old friend, the press release.

It seems the debate over the demise of the press release has been ongoing since the early 2000s. We can all agree there have been great advancements in how new companies, brands, and services can communicate to news outlets and to the public, such as media releases (pictures and graphs), blogs, and other popular social media platforms.

There are still uses for the old tried and true press release. The press release is a one-stop shop of newsworthy information for journalists to use as a background source. Did you notice we wrote, newsworthy press release? The press release is only as good as the information that the writer has included. So, maybe, just maybe, it’s not the vehicle used to deliver the “goods”, but the writer?

We might not agree on everything in life, such as where to eat tonight or what makes the perfect client? The tendency is to agree to disagree in most cases. It’s rare in a group setting that everyone is in agreement in whole so let us know where you stand on using press releases.

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~ Williams Group Public Relations | @prwilliamsgroup