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Top 4 Social Media Trends We are Tracking For 2018

The hangover is still…hanging on. Our heads are still cloudy with a chance of dull aching in the forecast. Didn’t we just ring in 2017? Why are we already to toast to 2018? Because time and tide wait for no man, according to the poet Geoffrey Chaucer.

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Small Business Advice: Why You Need Social Media Support

When you’re immersed in scheduling, staff needs, product development, quality control, payroll, and putting out fires, it can be a time crunch to come up with engaging content to schedule. Don’t fall into the trap of “doing it all” and make use of the resources available to you, including hiring a social media professional. In the long run you’ll find you’ll find the value of having help.

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7 Key Steps to Choosing the Right Social Media Influencer

Marketers constantly struggle online with all of the clutter and noise that’s on social media. Making things more difficult, the days of posting a picture with no caption or text are over, and have been for some time. Today’s consumer wants to be told a story, long or... read more

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