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Tending To Your Professional Garden

I spent last Saturday working in my yard, planting, potting, pruning, in general giving our backyard living space a much-needed spring cleaning and freshening-up. Last night, however, I noticed that my hydrangeas were a bit sorry looking and the tomato plants were a bit droopy. The problem with potted plants? You have to remember to water them!

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Missing A Vital Business Ingredient? Try A Skills Swap

Running a small business can be a bit like creating a delicious dinner. It requires a multitude of different ingredients, which, when blended together, (hopefully) creates a sumptuous meal. But what do you do when you are missing a vital ingredient from the mix?

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To Rebrand Your Company, or Not? – 5 Top Reasons to Rebrand

Everything changes. The leaves in Fall change. The weather changes. And, sometimes your business changes too. It’s normal business growth and the change, or putting it another way, the evolution is not something to fear. As the saying goes, change is good so don’t... read more

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