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To Rebrand Your Company, or Not? – 5 Top Reasons to Rebrand

Everything changes. The leaves in Fall change. The weather changes. And, sometimes your business changes too. It’s normal business growth and the change, or putting it another way, the evolution is not something to fear. As the saying goes, change is good so don’t... read more

The Power of Personalization

Much to my delight, I managed to run the Shakespeare Half Marathon on Sunday which was held in the beautiful town of Stratford-upon-Avon and its surrounding villages.

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Shiny Trophies: The Importance of Awards For Your Business

On behalf of a client, over the past few weeks I have been working furiously trying to craft text that showcases elaborate promotional campaigns in 500 words or less. Let me tell you, it’s a difficult task to undertake given our profession’s tendency toward flowing, flowery words and transitional phrases. Narrowing down a multi-faceted campaign to the basics is challenging.

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